A couple weeks ago, I shared my first thoughts on Returnal, the PS5 exclusive roguelike shooter.

I wanted to talk more about the game, now that I am tantalizingly close to finishing Act 1 (Biome 3). I will do my best to avoid story spoilers, but I have to talk about some of the permanent upgrades you unlock, although none of them will ruin the story surprises.

It will not surprise you from the beginning of the game that there are a lot of story revelations. …

Before I start, there will be very mild spoilers here, basically stuff you learn a few minutes into the game. This is all based on Biome 1.

I’ve been dying for a game to play on the PS5 that felt “next-gen” ever since I got one. Some games like Control and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla have PS5 editions that do look noticeably better than the PS4 version. But they still didn’t feel like a leap forward.

While I certainly don’t feel that Returnal will be looked at years from now as a quintessential Playstation 5 game, It is the first game…

About a year ago, in October of 2019, I decided to try to put together an initiative to increase diversity at the CBJ Hockey Analytics Conference. It ended up much more of a success than I could have hoped, largely because of the generosity of the hockey analytics community.

People have asked me how I made it work, so that more of them can happen in the future, so I’m writing this. It’s not necessarily meant to be a best practices write-up; it’s basically here’s what I did, and here’s how I think it could be better.

First, the focus…

Peter Flynn

Writer, Editor, and Podcaster for Winging it in Motown. High school English teacher. Twitter: @pflynnhockey

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